We safely arrived in Mangareva

Hi, just a short notice: this morning we safely arrived at Mangareva. Gut god decided to give us a challenge. At the entry of the huge atoll of the Gambier islands, just about 7nm south of our anchorage, we wanted to take the genoa down and started the engine. The engine however decided not wanting to work, so we had no choice: we had to enter this place, across the reef and around all the little reef rocks under sail against the wind!. In the end it was not so bad, we had to tack (wenden) only three times and did a perfect anchorage manouever under sail. Puh, Marcus and I both were a bit tight. Marcus overlooking all and giving orders, Gyuri at the anchorage and me on the steering wheel. BUT: we made it!!! See for yourself in the following pictures, a proof we're here.
Now we're sitting at the local post office where we had bought internet acces and are doing some online work. Of course my first and most important act is to inform you about our safe arrival.
Tomorrow, instead of relaxing, Marcus and I will try to fix the motor, also I will clean the boat. That's it for now, here are some pix. Enjoy!

Waves (already pretty small) on our way to here:

 View from our anchorage:

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  1. Glückwunsch!!! Ich bin sehr froh, zu lesen, dass ihr es wieder gesund & munter geschafft habt!!! Super! Genießt Eure Zeit in der Südsee!
    Alles Liebe aus Muc, Astrid