Pictures online in Photogallery

I just managed to upload pictures into the photogallery.

All Easter Island pix follow this link:

Pictures from the sailing trip (just ocean and weather)

Pictures from Pitcairn

Pictures from Ducie Island

Trip to here: in the background: Pitcairn
 Some rain coming
 Arriving at Gambier Islands (you see Mangareva in the background) with sunrise- picture taken just as we could not start motor
 Waves (already small) wanting to break over deck...
Ducie Island - wonder why we were not able to enter? Look at the waves!
 We would have had to drive through this wave and then hope it's deep enough therafter....

 Entrnace from behind. Would you want to steer through that?

Pitcairn - check out this beautiful pacific blue water. The first time I was able to kind of catch it in a picture....

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