T-Shirt sailing, dead fish and bird on a wire

Every day the water around us is getting warmer. That means, that the wind is getting warmer. Now I can be outside looking for ships in T-Shirt even at night with a water temperature of 27degC. Besides that not much to report. Some dark clouds teasing us with chaning winds; blue skies and cloudy skies, clear star nights and dark cloudy nights. The fluoreszing algea are back letting us sail through a sea of stars at night. And during the day a deep blue ocean invites to go swimming...

My easter surprise yesterday was a small flying fish tired of living whom I found dead on deck - or maybe a wave had decided to end his life by washing it on deck. Yesterday we had lots of waves washing water over the deck. Thank god it's more quiet today. Oh- yesterday means easter sunday, for us. Yeterday morning we put up the twistle sail which is as big as two foresails, about 120m2 (Passatsegel, wie zwei Vorsegel) to sail faster with less wind. In comparison: the main sail has probably around 50m2, the genua 75m2 and the parasailor about 140m2. It works quite well. With true winds between 12 and 16 knots, sometimes up to 20 knots, from behind we sail at an average of 7 knots. At the moment our estimated arrival date is in 6,5 days. It may vary 1 day or so. We all guess we're gonna arrive at night, as always. And I bet that we will see 1 ship, and this will come in a direction that we have to move out of the way. This has always happened once. Just to give sense to our shifts...We'll see.

Marcus started fishing again, well, he tries to. The only thing that has bitten our fake blue octopus so far is a seagull (Seemöve) today. Poor thing. Twice it tried already, should have noticed it is not a fish. The third time it bit and got stuck. Marcus had no choice other than pulling the bird in while it tried to fly away, lifting it on board with the hook through the mouth looking out of its head. With gloves on this hands Marcus held the big bird and pulled the hook and octopus out, then put the bird back to water. Thank god it did not bleed too much. At first it looked a bit puzzled, tried its wings and then flew off. Not long later we saw the next seagull wanting to catch our octopus. Quickly we pulled it in, need to change the fake thing to attract fish instead of birds, since we're not hungry enough yet to eat birds...

Our current position: 28deg42'S and 091deg01'W

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