No wind

Inbetween it looked as if we could make it in 10 days but the wind still diminishes. We're down with our speed now to 2,5knots changing the ETA to 12.4.2013. 4 days ago we were supposed to travel only 6 ore days, now it's 7. Whatever. We cannot change it and wait waht is going to come. One day we'll arrive. In the meantime we talk a lot, have fun, laugh, sleep and eat very well. But yesterday I cooked the last fresh food. Except for 2 portions (feeeing all of us each) of fresh meat and potatoes and bread for today that we still have. Then we have to change to canned food with pasta and Pumpernickel (thank god we found Pumernickel in Vina del Mar. Besides that nothing is happening. Few birds and the first flying fish were seen yesterday, else nothing but blue water. No enemy (other ship) either.
Can someone pls pray for some wind for us so that we can move on?

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