Sailing in Patagonia with Parasailor

We have such a calm day, we had to motor most of the night and morning. Now we have a light wind from behind, just enough to sail with our Parasailor (a type of Spinnaker). A very, very large sail with characteristics of Parasailors (like parachutes) which is mounted in the front of the boat. You can sail it only up to 20knots wind. So I guess it is VERY rare that here in Patagonia, an area with super strong winds, you would see a sailboat with a Spinnaker out. ;-)
OUr currernt position is 50° 57,8' S and 067° 32,2'W.

P.S. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Sven, wünschen Dir Alita, Marcus und Micha! Ich habe gestern was durcheinander gebracht.

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