On our way to Ushuaia

Yesterday in the afternoon we left Porto Deseado to the music of "Conquest of Paradise". We could not leave earlier because of strong southerly wind in the morning which forced us to anchor on the other side of town again, thus not being able to do our check-out with the Prefectura. About an hour out, toninas (the black/white dolphins) came to play with Alita. They stayed for a long time. The water and light was good enough that I was able to take some better pictures than in Ría Deseado. So another beautiful sunny day ended with our super cool friends. They even came to visit us during my night shift.
Today not much happening. No wind, no friends ;-( But we enjoy the clam relaxing day. Our current position is 49°39' S and 066°45'W. We're sailing (or right now even motoring) down near the coast, if possible. Destination: Ushuaia.
Have a good week everyone.

P.S. Christian, if you see this: happy birthday from Alitania.

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