Puerto Deseado

After a rushing trip starting in Calta Horno yesterday morning we safely
arrived at Puerto Deseado. Unfortunately we're anchored on the opposite
side of the town, hope we can replace us to the other side. The weather
in a way has been nice to us, because winds between 20 and 40 knots let
us fly down here at speeds up to 10 knots with wind from a 60 degree
angle. So the trip was short, but full of action (sails in / sails out).
BUt the crew is well up, no one sea sick or sick at all, although the
last night was VERY cold. Puh. Time to get used to it. 40 knots wind
over 12°C ocean lets it get really cold. BUT: there is no cold or bad
weather, only the wrong clothes. ...I already wore 4 shells ;-)
When we arrived at the mouth of the river deseado we had 35-40 knots
wind and waves against us, so that we were not able to enter, even
though we had the current with us. So we decided to anchor outside and
wait. We had dinner and then took off and finally made it to here. All
under communication with the prefectura naval (caost guard). As I said
in the blog entry before, my new hobby is radio communication with the
prefectura, since we have to call once a day. It's fun.
The funniest expereince however with the prefecura was on the 4th in
Caleta Horno. 2 guys came to the border of the canyon and radioed to all
the boats we should come ashore. So like school kids we all took our
dinghies to the shore and reported "everybody is well, all at best
health, crews of 2 /3 people" and we each told them how long we plan to
stay. That took us 15 min. After that we knew the two other couples at
anchor as well (one swiss and one french couple). Well, what can I say.
Thanks to that the swill couple came over in the evening for beer and
appetizers. That was a wonderful evening of chatting about sailing the
world's oceans.
Now I have to play "Skat" with my men. More stories tomorrow.

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