On the way to Salvador

Saturday morning we started our trip to Salvador de Bahía. Our french friends helped us get out of the Marina. Just before that, we shared "Lebkuchen" which we had found in the supermarket the day before. Since they liked them, we left them some. We hope to see each other again somewhere down the coast, latest in Buenos Aires.
The one couple, Carline e Hughes, are both journalists. They write a blog for the french sailing magazine "Voiles et voiliers" and post videos on that blog, which both the magazine pays for. They love writing about other sailors and people they meet. They interviewed us, it should be online in about 2 months (due to the hard work of making the video they are 2 months behind with their stories). It is a nice blog. I will put the link onto my blog. Here it is: http://loick.blogs.voilesetvoiliers.com
We had a wonderful last night in Jacaré. The food (Faijoada, a pot with beans, sausage and meat) was ok, but it was very lovely to have all the people there who stay at the marina at the moment. I got to practice my french a bit. I sat next to two couples and the owner who spoke all in french, I talked abit to them in french as well and listened. It was great. Very nice people. A youple our age and a couple a bit older, in retirement enjoying their life. They all travel around slowly, enjoying their life, no hurry. They do a lot of land trips as well. And they seem to love Brazil, cause they (have to) leave the countries and are away for 3 months (e.g. in Argentina, or in France or so) and then come back (they have to be away for 3 months at least).
A new arrival that day was a german guy with a korean lady, also very nice. And then the french and the norwegian we already knew. It was a wonderful evening. Only the italians were missing. We had all "partied" up at the marinas "bar" a couple days earlier and at the boat of the journalists two days earlier, both times having a great time.
Sometime tomorrow we should arrive in Salvador. We hope to see some whales in the bay there as the german guy told us the had just seen them coming up. We'll see. Thr rip right now is ok. The first two days the sea was a bit rough, we did not feel too well and still fight a bit. But yesterday the wind changed a bit, averaging at 10-15 knots sidways, low waves making the ride more smooth with an average speed of about 5 knots. So, not much to report. We had a beautiful star sky yesterday for a chang, cause the days before it has always been cloudy and rained here and there. I saw three falling stars. So beautiful. Oh, I almost forgot: when we left the river to go out to the sea the dolphins greeted us. I was amazed to see them at the corner there, in the mix of salt and fresh water. That was nice for a start....
So, I will be back with news tomorrow or thursday, depending on when we arrive.

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