An energizing day

Entry from yesterday, sept 6th, which did not go through mail:

Yippee, finally some energy came back to my body!! This morning I was still running low on energy, completely powered out from the trip. We went for breakfast in the cantina, where all the people working in the harbour go. That was a tip of the marinero. Breakfast this way cost only €5 :-)

In the afternoon I went to have the best massage of my life. 1 hr relaxation pure for €30! Afterwards we went to dinner and off I went for JAZZ DANCE!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! Wow, how good that felt, how much I have missed that in the last 3 months!! Thank you Vincenz (?) at the Escola de Dança Contemprano en Graça/ Salvador. 3 km from the harbour, a beautiful school!!!

The sunset shows my happy energy flow of today. Good night. I will sleep well.

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