Night four

So this is our fourth night out, which means by noon tomorrow we're about half way there. While the wind is calm, mostly too calm to sail (we motored half the day yesterday) the waves are rocking and rolling from 3 directions and this throwing us around. Haha it's like a roller coaster without looping. We have up to 3m/9ft from north, the same from SE and a windwave from E. So sometimes that adds up and we have a nice "flight" over a wave and down its back. I wonder how I was able to cook two dishes today. After all it's a calm day and we're upright a lot and not beating against the wind but sailing downwind. The wind is not exactly behaving as predicted earlier. We were supposed to have it 50 deg apparent first today and then E again but it's been SSE all the time. And for sailing that it's mostly not strong enough. We might put up the Spinnaker sail (!) tomorrow, who would have thought.
We're both well up and get enough sleep. I am enjoying another starry night now. The day before yesterday I saw sooooo many falling stars it was amazing. None yesterday.

Position at 0225, dec 16 local time (UTC-10):
10deg 18,5N and 154 deg 55,5N

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