Paradise continues

Good news: Marcus and I are both almost recovered.
Today was the first day we actually could do real sightseeing. And so we did all the "long and hard" walks. That meant: 10-20min and max. 60meters height to walk over stairs... Niue really has so many neat places. A rock in the middle of the ocean with 64km pothole-street around it which is partly owned by dog gangs and huge chicken families. A place where beautiful tropical rainforest (reminded us of some parts in New Zealand South Island though) meets washed down lava that stands there like million soldiers watching over paradise. This big rock called Niue ends with a reef all around it and in that reef there are many pools good for snorkling. And then if you turn around and look towards land you might see a cave. Yes, there are many caves on this rock. Some saltwater, some fresh water filtered through that limestone/ lava over many years. We got to swim in a very cool cave today, which is really only doable when the sun is on its zenith so that light can come into this super narrow chasm. The widest part is about 3m but as you swim to the other side (with no idea what's underneath you in the deep dark) it gets to about 1m width for a long time. The swim from one side to the other is about 25m. Very neat. When you get hungry from all this adventure there are many really nice cafés. Today, at Hio's café, I had the best food in VERY long. Can't even remember when I had food that good and beautifully prepared.
With such a great lunch we were ready to do the last "long and hard" hike to cool arches which you reach on a path over sharp rocks and through another amazing cave in about 20 min from car park. Another simply amazing place. I could just watch all day.

So I totally agree with my friend Vicky who has just been here and given me lots of information in advance, I am in love with this little place! I hope I find net on wednesday to upload some pictures.

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