Favourite pix

We're at anchor near Kerikeri Yacht Club right now, where we celebrated Marcus' birthday yesterday with our friends Fran&Richard. We had dinner again tonight, and we will have a couple more before they head to the States for two months and then sail off to Vanuatu and Fiji while we're off to Tonga. In the meantime we have a small, old, used Genoa on board which we will hoist up tomorrow to see if it fits. If yes, we will have to negotiate a price because the asking price is too high for that old sail- and we need to have some work done on it.
Thursday we drive to Whangarei with our friends to get parts and so stock up part 1.

I sorted some pix of the last days, here are some favourites.

Also tue last Days I was able to upload a whole stack of pix into the photo gallery, so stop by there!

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