Back in Nelson

After two months cruising around the South Island of New Zealand we're back in Nelson where I hope to get help with my MacBook. I don't want to give up the hope for repair yet...
We actually sailed most of the time on our way up, but it was a restless ride in terms of constantly changing conditions- from absolutely no wind to stormy gusts we had everything, all sails out to second reef in tue main and the small foresail perpared. But nothing bad came and the waves were quite ok considering what we had gone through two years ago and considering there are always two swells from usually opposing directions - just that the swells we had were quite small. Still uncomfortable for my stomach, but ok. Arrived at Anchor in Abel Tasman yesterday afternoon. I took my kajak and went ashore for a walk and then for a swim from the boat. Ah that felt so good.

Here are few pix from the last 2 weeks:

Lobster Pizza

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