Tough life

So, you find a beautiful bay, you take a walk in the sand and enjoy beach life. After a wonderful dinner you go to bed early happy like a little baby because your bed is a little rocking - rocking you to sleep. 

Then you wake up early in the morning, looking into a new day. What are you thinking about? Correct, you have to get the Genua sail down and sew it (before the rain comes) on deck because yesterday you saw a tear in it that the sailmaker, who just had the sail for repair and a check up (!) should have seen and repaired. Oh well. That's why we have a Singer heavy Duty sewing machine on board. This machine is worth gold. Beautiful and strong. She has already done lots of good work for Alita. Let me tell you, I have had more comfortable positions while sewing this morning, but never a more spectacular view at the same time. I am glad for all my dancing and thus flexibility. Enjoy!

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