Coming back to Alitania

2 very busy months have passed. A time full of family, friends, work, dance, home and home repair AND: a time with Oktoberfest. It's a different life at home, but I enjoy it. I love the work and the people there, love my home and everything and everyone around it. But I also love Marcus and Alita and the sailing life, so here I am now in Fiji - Port Denerau - waiting for my connecting flight to Port Vila - Vanuatu. In a couple of hours the three of us will be reunited - unfortunately only for 3 weeks! Then I need to finish my project before I can go back to sailing for a longer period. 
So, Vanuatu here I come! And you can look forward to pictures from Yassur, the active volcano that we'll be visiting in a couple of days. I can't wait!

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