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Meanwhile we are enjoying Dunedin. Again we are so lucky to meet the most lovely Kiwi people. No matter where you go, they are so lovely and kind and funny as you wish everyone would be in this world. On friday night we were lucky to be able to hold a presentation at the Otago Yacht club social evening. Otago Yacht club is the second oldest Yacht club of New Zealand and has around 200 members. The property is run by Kevin, a lovely gus who greets visitors with a welcome package that he makes. For that he goes into town, picks up the most important information brochures and puts them into a bag to hand them out. Where would you find that? He knows everyone and people come back to Dunedin because of him. No wonder. Whatever you need, he'll be there to help and organize. And always good for a chat where you get lots of information. But it's not only Kevin, this whole place is full of people like him. Frank, the commodore and Hayley invited us to their homes, picked us up, gave us lots of information, borrowed us a car to see the beach, invited us for a lovely dinner with two more guy from the Yacht club, have the best sense of humor (we were all laughing so much yesterday), are just fine people. And they were kind enough to enjoy our presentation and laugh at our humour. That was nice ;-) Ann, Barry, and all the others who talked to us, share their knowledge, help us out. Just amazing, I am very overwhelmed. Today we finally met our boat „neighbours", the owners of the boat we're rafted up to. Needless to say we invited them to share stories on boat. The list goes on of people we met and probably will meet…At least I was able to give back a little bit when they let me help out in food preparation at the „Cup day" (regatta that took place on saturday). 

So now we've seen a good part of Otago peninsula and will continue to see the city and for a change just enjoy life here, social life. If I am lucky I'll be able to go dancing. 

Here are some pix from our pensinula tour yesterday:

This is the way to get into the Otago/Dunedin harbour (left)

Albatros and seals at Taiaroa head

„The pyramides": the volcano erupted 12 million years ago and left them behind...

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