Leaving for the south

After 3 days here in the beautiful Golden Bay we're now ready to head south. We'll be leaving 6pm local time today, that is in 3hrs. We'll be travelling with the current around Cape Farewell into the sunset. The wind will be changing in direction and strength but hopefully sailable. Towards the en of the trip we might still run into 4-6m waves /swell) and the wind picks up. By the time it gets really strong we're hopefully in the protection of Milford Sound. That's in 3 days. Wish us luck!

Here some pictures of what we're leaving behind. Don't know when I will be able to have internet next. 

Alita at her current parking position: 

A cave in low water and in high water:

A seal on his rock at high tide and the rock at low tide

Just pictures

All the cliffs are white from the cormoran shit. 

Cormoran and other birth reunion just before sunset. They all come back to the beach after a last clean-up-bath in the ocean

The auditorium

More pix online at http://Sailing.smichah.de

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