Sick in paradise

Yesterday we left Savusavu and sailed to Namena island, a little natural reserve island, bought by a hotel, in the middle of a ring of reef. On the way Marcus caught a huge Mahi Mahi that we BBQed last night in a dinner party on board Alita with 2 other sailor couples as guests. First party on board this year! Yummy.
We're in a peaceful place now and had a wonderful sail over. Unfortunately the cold that I felt the last days now made me feel even more uncomfortable today with fever and Marcus is really bad off now with very high fever. It's normal for him, but still not a good situation. It will be fine in 3 days. However we might have to move tomorrow to another anchorage since this is not a good and protected anchorage. I hope we can stay, whole daysail trip is too much for us in this condition. It's divers paradise here and we wanted to go diving with 3 other boats today. Oh well, the others went, we stayed in bed. You can't have it all. Here are some pix to cheer up.

The barbour situation in Neiafu / Tonga, after the fishing boat between us and the wall left

 Port Maurelle, Vava'u / Tonga
 Our parasailor (spinnaker)
 Crossing the border to Tonga we had to change courtesy flags. The top flag is the flag for Tonga, the yellow one the quarantine flag, which you need to put up until you're cleared in a country by health.
 A little sand island with 6 palm trees on it in the middle of nowhere, Fiji
 The new cockpit during sailing
 Marcus happy - that was yesterday ;-)

 View to Venua Levu island, sailing in Savusavu bay yesterday

 I climbed to the front while sailing to get tho shot;-)
 Some dirt water coming in from the river at land
 Namena island, where we are anchored now (next to the sailboat you see on the picture)
 Namena from the other side...

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