Pictures Atata and Minerva Reef

Already 4 days have passed since we got to New Zealand and I had no time for updating the blog and the photogallery so far. Tomorrow I have some time to write about the trip from Minerva to New Zealand, the feelings of this trip and of arriving here in NZ after 1,5 years. Also I already have photos and stories about New Zealand, so check out the blog in the next days...

For now I have some pictures for you.
We left Tonga from the island "Atata". Some rainy weather came up which made me take some pictures: http://sailing.smichah.de/#!album-81

"Downtown" Atata
 The new church in construction

And here, as promised earlier, are the pictures from Minerva Reef. I hope you like them...

On the first passage, Tonga to Minerva Reef
 and a flying fish as a stowaway
 Anna happy in Minerva Reef north

 "Parking" in the middle of the ocean

 Left to right: Brenda, Rod, Micha, Anna, Tina
 I made the first french fries in my life in Minerva Reef. Anna cut one smily into the potatoes...
 The huge crayfish (Lobster), that Brenda found and the guys helped her trap it and get it out. It's worth about $200 as I saw in the supermarket today. It served us VERY well, 8 people had ENOUGH food.

 View over Minerva Reef and Alita - from the top of the Mast of State of Mind
 Green coral on the reef

 Amd here it is: our crayfish dinner, prepared by the most wonderful cook Brenda.
 You think taht's enough food for 8? Easy!

 Wickie (my yellow kajak) and Alita at South Minerva Reef.

 The two best friends, State of Mind and Alita at South Minerva Reef.
I just saw, that the resolution of the pix is too low. I will put higher resolution ones in tomorrow. Now I have to go to bed.

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