En route

We are making good progress on our trip to New Zealand. The weather is good and cool, the wind is nice (between 12 and 20 knots), crew is in good condition. It is wonderful to have 2 additional reliable crew members to do 3 hour watches. Thank you Anna and Tina, you make our life a lot easier on this trip. This way we all have enough time to relax and sleep while making sure someone is always on watch. Also Tina spoils us with her wonderful "Hefezopf" (sweet yeast bread), if which she has already made 3 (we need to use up all the flour and lots of other stuff, which New Zealand Quarantaine will take away from us upon arrival).
Today we passed another sailor, Sirena of Or and Sueno is still in radio distance. Only State of Mind is far ahead - about 40nm - so they'll arrive more than half a day earlier than us. We expect to be arriving in about 24-26hrs from now, that would be around 4-6am on the 21st of November local time (evening of the 20th in Germany, late morning of the 20th in LA). Our current position is: 32deg38,3min S and 175deg46,6min E (03.39am local time, Nov. 20th).

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