Niuatoputapu (Tonga)

After a 26hr quick and peaceful ride with the apparent wind (scheinbarer Wind) angle between 60 and 90 degrees we safely arrived in Niuatoputapu yesterday noon. Here we found two boats we know, Tuatara and Margarita and enjoyed a wonderuful sundowner and even a dinner on Margarita yesterday. All these New Zealanders we met are just wonderful, nice and helpful people. We received good information about our next stop, Vava'u (where we are gong to meet them as well as other boats we know), and information material on New Zealand (where we're all going to meet again). There will be a regatta in Vava'u Oct. 10-14th, just for fun and mostly for drinking. We'll see, who participates...
Can't say much about this island here, because we're not allowed on land until after clearing in tomorrow. It's another hilly, green little island with about 800 people on it, situated in a wondeful lagoon, which also hosts some small motus. Turquoise water (not as clear though) with lots of turtles surronds us and we're looking over to a volcano. The whole group of Tongan islands is set on a very active boarder of a plate. In this area islands rise and disappear, lots of underwater volcanos which come up to 13m beneath the surface. You do want to keep away from these. In the map you can find entreis of islands saying "occasionally". These had been seen twice for a couple of years and then disappeared again, but you never know when they - or other ones - appear again. So we have to be very careful when sailing, looking out for any changes on the water like sudden steep waves.

I'll be back with more information when I have them. I have some presents for children (school stuff) which I want to hand out tomorrow with the help of a local lady, Sia (who asked for the help).

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