What a day

At 7am UTC I surprised Marcus in his shift (when we changed to mine) with a Muesli bar and a burning candle in it singing "Happy birthday". At 17pm UTC. birthday breakfast with fied eggs and chees and bacon over it. Then I baked a "Marmorkuchen". Yummy. The waves have been so much better today that I decided to surprise him with a real cake...After that I took the Echo Harp (Mundharmonika) from Marcus's grandfather (a good old Hohner Echo Harp) and was happy to see that it worked again. When it was so cold and humid some notes did not work anymore, so I am really glad I can play it again. I LOVE doing that in the moonlight in the nightshifts, I just play by ear. Done with that I decided it's time to work on the guitar. Took it out, changed the strings, tuned it and continued my learning I had stopped a couple of months ago because of my left elbow. I hope I can continue now since I do not have my piano here...I kind of played "Happy birthday" to Marcus, but I just started learning and still have to search the right notes...Just 2hrs ago we had a wonderful dinner. Salad with honey-fried goat cheese and rosted pumpkin seeds, and as main dish the remainder of the fish soup from yesterday (sooo goood) and (for me) a coliflour (Blumenkohl) soup (made with coconut cream), soo good as well...Desert: Marmorkuchen. Now: BED! Ok, not for me, I am on my shift.

Looks like the weather might be ok later today, so we still hope to be able to enter the Reef "Ducie island" for a day or two. Had we not intentionally slowed down we would already be there (but would have arrived in the dark), but we can't go in til around noon, when the sun is high and we can see the coralls in order to find our way through the reef to get inside the atoll. We probably will stay hoved to (im Beidreher, heisst ein Vorsegel back, so dass wir nur leicht driften) so that we slowly drift near the island (but not too close) for a couple of hours til we can enter later. Should arrive there in about 5hrs, will have to slow down even more soon. 4-5Bft wind lets us sail too fast ;-) I know, it's either too slow or too fast. We are quite happy acutally that we had such a good, constant wind all the way to here. Had we left up the sails it would have been only a little bit more than 5 days for nearly 850nm (1600km).

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