Half a day to go

Yes, soon we'll be there. At Easter Island. Yippeeee. The weather gives us the interesting task to find a place where we can safely anchor and take the Dinghy to land. However there, at Easter Island, we can never leave the boat alone. Someone, who is able to manouver the boat alone, always has to be on board. Most of the time it'll be Marcus or me.
Thomas will leave us already tomorrow, he wants to spend 2 days on the island and then fly home earlier. Gyuri also wants to go to land for about 3 days to explore the island, which is far more comfortable from land, so very understandable. Both guys will rent a bike and tour the island together, I'll do that (and probably a horseback ride) as well later.

Tonight we have a wonderful last sunset evening together out here, in the middle of nowhere, a bit less than 50nm to the east of the island. I am sure early in the morning, as we approach the island, we'll all be up...

Over all we agree we had a great ride of more than 2100nm (4100km) over here, very easy, no tough weather situations other than little wind ;-) We're all well up, happy, have eaten very good and mostly enjoyed the solitude -although I missed my dolphin friends. Very different to the experience crossing the Atlantic ocean.
Have a great day everyone. Michaela

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