Ready to cross the pacific

Alita is painted and maintained, the new crew members are aboard, food stored, Marcus and I are tired from all the work. No time for anything else, not even for blogging. Will write more when we're out there.
We'll leave tonight or tomorrow morning.
I uploaded some pix from Puerto Montt and here on: http://sailing.smichah.de/#50.0

Here just a few of them:
 Puerto Montt
 Kelp - they sell it for food, we hated dealing with it on the boat....
 Our log: 9999,9nm
 AND: the change to 10000

 Vina del mar
 Desert on the way to Santiago
 Alita ready to go back to the water

 beach pool in yacht club

 There is a huge sand dune here, unfortunately the buil millions of homes there
 Lavender at the beach

Wish us luck for the long pacific crossing...

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