We're continuing our trip through the millions of islands here in the rainy south of Chile. Especially interesting are the night shifts edriving through all the islands using all the lights and radar. We left the big streets of the Magellan behind us today - including the worries of being hit by strong winds. Yesterday afternoon, after rain in the morning, had a sun/cloud mix, which gave a great view to the islands in twilight. It started raining just before my 3 am night shift. Willi was so nice to spend the time with me in my shifts, time passes by so much faster. most of the shift we were busy watching the big cruise ship "Star Princess" come, pass by in a about 300m distance and leave. This cruise ship is 290m long and 39m wide. Cool to watch. In my afternoon shift we passed by a wreck, the most pectacular I have seen so far. Close and 1/3 still out of the water. A freighter lying on its side and the stern par (Heck) out of the water so that you can even see the propeller. Cool. Yesterday in my afternoon shift we saw many whales passing by in a safe distance. and of course every day we see sea lions somewhere around us. They are very cute, especially when they stick their head out, look around and then dive down and JUMP. An hour ago, after a trip of 36hrs, we arrived at a beautiful anchorage. Small inlet which then opens up to a bay which looks like a lake. Incredible. We're anchored at 52degrees 28,5' S and 073degrees 35,3minutes W, again in pure solitude. We were happy to have seen 3 ships today, that almost gave a traffic jam, cuase we were all at the same place at the same time. Our huge sailing boat next to a 190m freighter and 210m curising ship, the three of us against a 200m tanker. Fun.

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