New Year

What a wonderful start into the new year. Blue skies, sunshine, wind,
cold, calm seas today. We enjoyed a great dinner yesterday, chatted and
welcomed the new year outside with Vanillekipferl and Gluehwein watching
the fireworks over the town of Puerto Madryn from our anchorage. Clear
skies with millions of stars and almost full moon added to the beautiful
nightscene. I hope you all had a similar experience.
Today we'll head towards the end of the bay of Puerto Madryn. Since the
wind from south is calming down but we expect the wave to stil be there
coming from the direction we want go to we will anchor there and leave
tomorrow morning heading to Puerto Deseado.
The crew is great, we're having lots of fun together and Marcus finally
has a chess partner and we have a partner for Skat. Great.
Have a great day everyone.

P.S. Hab lieben Dank für Deine Grüße, Astrid. Dir auch alles Gute. Es
freut uns, dass Du bei uns bist. Alles Liebe

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