Bye bye Ushuaia and Argentina

Loved it here, will come back one day.

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  1. Dear Micha and Marcus, thank you for all these great pictures of what you see, feel, smell and live far down out there in the South. It really allows us to escape for a moment and it does feel really great to be able to relate to these places. I wonder if you could one day give some appreciation about Alita and your findings regarding this type of vessel for your voyages, as well as some pictures perhaps. I think your experience would be very much appreciated by a lot of your readers. Thank you, have a safe continuation, Regards. Thierry (CH)

    1. Dear Thierry, thank you for your comment. I will prepare a page about Alita and her wonderful sailing characteristics. IN the meantime you'll find all the information about the boat on the website. There is one page just on the boat and the equipment.
      BEst regards, Michaela