Last pictures of Buenos Aires

Now it's been a week since I left Buenos Aires to travel to LA, see family and dance like crazy. I just came across some pictures of Buenos Aires which were still in my little camera. I took them on my last day, strolling over the market of San Telmo where I needed to get an old license plate for my brother. Enjoy.

 I bought the CD of this great guitar player
 and of this super good band.
 Did not know my brother owns (or used to own?) a production company
 There is no limit to creativity. Here: handpuppets, made from sponge material.
 Vintage clothing store.
 View over a part of the street with the market
 a demonstration going on
 Boy the smell was good. If there is something the Argentinans are good at it's BBQ!

 Here the license plate I got for Alex from the year of 1940. Full of rost.
 Marcus and my christmas dinner at the Puerto Medero Grill. Of course a Quilmes beer can't be missing. Marcus loves it.

Puerto Medero at night

In the meantime I am regaining strength here in LA being able to dance the soul out of my body

 and was able to get lots of stuff we need for the boat which we were not able to get anywhere else. So this trip to LA is not pure pleasure and inspiration, it's also business ;-) while Marcus and Christian are sailing down the coast to Puerto Madryn. Actually they should arrive there within hours from now. We have been communicating a lot so that every day I knew they were ok. Only one stronger wind with gusts around 50kn hit them, but they were prepared, and Alita safely swang them through the waves. To be honest I really need this break and it fills me up with energy for the next long part of our trip, but of course I miss Marcus and Alita, especially when I am at the ocean here. I so much hope my dream comes true and one day the three of us will arrive under sails here in LA. Sailing home after a long journey.

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