Heavy rain in Buenos Aires

What a rainy day in Buenos Aires today. We had several thunderstorms. In the afternoon I had to go to the ministry of tourism. It never stopped raining, so I went anyway. It poured so badly, that within one hour the streets and sidewalks went from water as high as half the shoe to having to walk through water higher than my knees when crossing the street! As crazy as it might sound: I loved the experience. It's just water. My jacket was good enough, my pants were wet all the way up. But it's warm outside, so no problem. A kayak would have helped me getting around. Someone was cool enough to get his surfboard out!

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Also there was a toxic gas cloud over the city, caused in the harbour, not even a mile away from where we are. I woke up from a strange smell, which was toxic to me. I thought, we have a fire on the electronics on board and walked through the boat trying to find out, what's wrong. Until I noticed, it comes from outside. I woke up Marcus cause I was worried. Later, when we had the radio on, I heard the news about the toxic cloud. In germany those news where widely spread today.
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