I know most of you have been waiting desperately for pictures. I finally put them onto my computer (about 800 of them) and sorted them out for you. You can find them all in the photogallery - or click on the following links:

Photos of the Atlantic crossing:http://sailing.smichah.de/#12.0

Photos of Fernando de Noronha:  http://sailing.smichah.de/#13.20

I'll just put some best ones in here. Too tored to write about Fernando de Nornoha, will have to wait a bit...Hope you like the pictures.

Atlantic crossing: 

 Marcus and his Mahi Mahi
 Marcus, our guest Eva and the fiendly Wahoo, who pulled our boat through the wind
 Nice wave above Alita
Eva and Marcus

Fernando de Noronha:

Michaela splashing in the water with the hair
Marcus and Eva in our Buggy
Michaela and Eva
Coco frio - the freshest, cold coconut drink
El pico de morro

View over harbou bay - Alita being the boat the farthest to the left

Praia do Sancho

We loved snorkeling here...but we had more waves

And my friends..

my favourite picture, look at the dolphin blowing air out!

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  1. Hi,

    das sind mal richtig coole Bilder :-)
    Scheint ja ne schöne Reise zu sein!
    Hier läuft alles so weit (schleppend) *lacht*
    Da ist Brasil auf alle Fälle besser!