Maio - my favourite

Last night at 9pm local time we set our anchor on the grounds off the beach of Vila the Maio on the Island of Maio. Beautiful here. The Travel Guide "Marco Polo" wrote that on this island everything is calm, beautiful and peaceful. SO TRUE. And SO CLEAN. Another pluspoint: it's not touristy here. Sad for the restaurants, but beautiful for the peace. Only individual tourism. Some posadas with a couple of rooms. Since the people don't live much on tourism, they don't beg you all the time. Only one guy today politely tried to offer us souvenirs.

Maio offers many beaches, many of them hard to ge there but the more beautiful. At the north there is a beach where the turtles lay their eggs in the summertime. There is a natural preserve here, salinas (Salt) and great swimming. But the sand is not as white as on Boavista and Sal. Considering the whole - island, town and beaches this comes to be my favcourite now, or at least same as Boavista. Boavista for the beautiful sand and the desert, Maio definitely for the living and restaurants.

Here in the bay we are 3 boats, only 2 are "vagabound" boats. One yellow 2-mast boat is here, which Marcus thought he knew as a boat from french people. It turned out to be the boat of the british owners of the beach bar, where the "whites" go. They had been sailing araound for 2.5 years when they got "stuck" here 18 months ago. They were unable to say "no" to the offer of aking over the beach bar. I talked to the owner, she had already wondered who would be in that boat which had all of a sudden been here in the bay this morning....

From Marco Polo I knew there is an italian restaurant where they serve good pizza. It's called "Tutti frutti". And I can tell you: the Pizza is great. The owner is an italian, married to a venezuelan lady. He built the house 9yrs ago and they opened the Restaurant. A grest restaurant and you can see cooking is his passion, but they struggle with the little tourism. She told us that the only way to get here is by a little plane from Praia. No Jetty coming here from BoaVista. She had been sailing the oceans for 17yrs, owning a boat and living from chartering - driving people around. She has crossed the Atalantic 8 times or so, now she is tired of living on a boat and is happy to be on land with her husband. Life in Maio. Like living on the countryside. Here are some pictures:
View to Vila de Maio. Alita is on the very right.

 Overlooking the bay of Vila the Maio. The lonely boat is always Alita.

Again: Alita in the background over te fishing boats

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