Another day goes by

We slept a bit longer today. Were very tired. So the day started later - around 10.30. At 11 I left without breakfast to the city to get some final things done: get money, find a ready to use solution for the contact lenses, get ginger, some medicine etc. In the meantime Marcus continued working on the boat. It was extremely hot outside today. 1 hour outside and you melted away. So the work went slowly til it finally got a bit cooler in the late afternoon. Then I started to drill the 24 holes of 6mm diameter into the aluminium holders of the solar panel to hang our sewn bags there. I have to finsh the bags tomorrow and put the rest up. 2 are already hanging. Marcus constructed holders for the diving bottles and put grease on all the rols where the ropes run through. And helped me with the bags. I stopped when it got dark. Then did the woman thing: cook :-). I made a very good soup of carrot, pumpkin, orange and ginger. Yummy. After dinner, which was about 10.15p.m we went to our neighbours Leticia and Javier across from us. He owns the restaurant here in the harbour called Pier 19. Very nice. Too bad we only started talking yesterday. They thought we only speak german so we never started talking until yesterday when I talked to her due to their most cute dog, a cute 2yr old Golden Retriever boy called Charlie. We chatted for a while yesterday and also this afternoon when she invited us over for a glass of wine. So we went over and had a nice chat. Too bad we met so late. But better late than never.
We went for dinner at his restaurant last night, it was very good. Food prepated with love, table setting with style. I especially loved the "Croquetas", a typical spanish tapas. Like potator croquettes but filled with a special paste of cheese and ham or fish. Sooo good.
So, now I am ready to go to bed. Good night.


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