update: watermaker running

So on the last try this morning after the cleaning of the membrane and the installation of a taken apart - lubricated - and put back together new ETD the watermaker finally decided to stop teasing Marcus. So now it works- although with one filter less. Hopefully for more than just a bit.
The sad news is we have to leave tomorrow - without a day to relax, especially for Marcus. So we have to clean up (that's going to be a lot of work, especially since the bilge is full of water) have to do more laundry, we have to check out and swap fuel.....And of course I am preparing food, so I have bread and pizza dough sitting there and will also make heaps of spaetzle tonight...
At least this morning I quickly paddled to my friend and he showed up so I am happy I got a snapshot. At least that. If time allows we'll go snorkling on a nicer place this afternoon.

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