At anchor im Suwarrow

A horrible night without sleep, winds 4 to mostly 7Bf gusting at 8Bf (over 30knots), a broken toilet and a diesel engine that decided to tell us it's overheating the moment we switched it on with a very loud alarm (despite no having run in 4 days!) was a real challenge for our nervs. Everytime I thought "ok, that's it, storm and lightning are through", a new one came. Never more than a break of 15 min. I stopped counting the tacks (wenden) and jibes (Halsen) we did while also changing sails between the genoa and the storm headsail. So, except for the last day our passage was good.
Boy it feels so nice to be at anchor, calm, the sun coming out and also knowing that the nice Rangers here have enough water to fill our tanks and for us to do some washing ashore. The Rangers are very nice, we had a lovely chat. They were supposed to have the last day today but since we came in they have to work a bit longer :-). They don't know anyways when a ship is coming to pick them up and which ship. The check in procedure took about 30 minutes and 20 forms to fill out.
Now: bacon and eggs breakfast. More later.

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