Spending the night at the entrance

At 5.30pm local time I saw land - Moti Tou, tue south western islands of the reef of Suwarrow. Shortly after we took the main sail down and eventually also the Genoa to now be hoved to with the small foresail. Why? Because we can't enter in the dark, it's too dangerous. So we have to spend 14hrs hanging out here around the north west corner from the entrance to the atoll. At least it's calm over here in the lee of the island - only small waves. We were hoping to be able to open some hatches to let air in but we encounter the same welcoming wash down as we did in Niue. Well, it's good to get the boat cleaned. Once it's clean we can start catching the rainwater. I might take a fresh water shower outside :-)

Position at 2109 board time: 13deg 12,8S and 163deg 10,4W

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