First day Suwarrow

Poor Marcus had the sh.. job, literally: he dismantled the broken toilet (which he partly already cleaned under way last night taking the s... out by hand with gloves; thanks tough man). Meanwhile I mixed the bread to let it sit all day. After the nice smell work :-( we jumped into the water, onto the sharks. While the boys just did a short dip I took my kajak and took off snorkeling for a long while and then I ended up on the hammock under the palm tree and fell asleep! Zzzzzz. Oh boy, that felt so good!
Later I talked to one of the Rangers who opened me a coconut. He is a true artist, does and teaches painting, does sculpture work and so much more and, most fun for me, also composes music (he plays the guitar) and is working on a movie script and the music for it. So, tomorrow we'll share some of our creative work! I am so excited about this. We talked for ever about so many things that my poor men on board were already worried they wouldn't get dinner (which I am going to serve in a couple of minutes). We'll all sleep like dead tonight despite our afternoon sleeps. Good night

Pictures: clouds like this big one all over the sky last night, all dark except for the lightnings...
Second picture: dismantled toilet. Bad smell. :-((

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