ALITA photos

While hanging out here in the harbour we cleaned Alita one room after the other. Since we had to empty the rooms for cleaning we took the chance and took photos of our beautiful lady while representable. A couple of cabinets are still waiting for cleaning and the whole bilge (which Marcus will do when I am gone). 
I have to admit, she IS beautiful. Even more when I look at all the other boats in the harbour and even in the Yacht Club. There is non like her. Elegant and stylish. 
Tomorrow they are filming for the series Hawaii Five-O right in front of our slips - at the Charthouse. Maybe Alita will appear in that film in April? I will definitely watch them shooting tomorrow. Have a drink on board and watch. Haha, that will be fun. 



So we are enjoying our time in Hawaii. Too much. There is so much to do that I don't even get to write the blog. 
We had a wonderful couple of days in Maui. After the waves had changed a bit it was not too bad out at the mooring. And during the day until after sunset we were always under way, travelling and taking pictures. We had extended the rental car for a day because a higher northerly swell came in and I did not want to miss the chance to get nicer wave- and surf pictures as well as nicer pictures of the blowhole. Unfortunately I still did not manage to process all those pictures. 

Ever since we arrived on Oahu / Honolulu we have been so busy. On the one hand we're busy with some socializing at the Yacht Club (which we are leaving tomorrow), on the other hand we have to walk quite a bit to get some groceries and to organise a harbour spot for us. And that's not easy. Everything is so different here. The harbours are full and expensive. The Yacht Club is very nice and they were kind enough to accept us in (we rafted up to a Danish cruising boat that left yesterday), but we can't afford to stay here those 2,5 months. We were super lucky to get a spot in the state harbour here, Ala Wai Harbour, but it is not secure and ugly and dirty. Our slip as of tomorrow is at the street in front of the Charthouse. Ok, the good side about it is they are filming for a scene in "Hawai Five O" right in front of our slips there so we have a good chance to end up on the screen in April. In order to be able to stay in the harbour we need to have a security check on the boat and drive with the inspector and a harbour master out of the slip, around a buoy and back into the slip to show that Alita is still swimming and able to move in the water. Really? How did we get here from New Zealand? Ok, well, it's the rule, and they stick to it. I mean it's ok, where would they draw the line - from the office? 
We were looking into another marina, a private one with a connected resort. But they take it to the next level. The require an application with photos of the boat and the owner (to make sure they do not get an ugly boat/people into the marina) as well as a FULL survey, which requires a haul out. This is to find out the real value of the boat - which should be non of their business. All harbours require to have their name on the insurance paper. For what I don't know. I don't understand that American system. But, we have to comply with the rules, even if we don't know how. But we'll find a way, it's a sport ;-)

When we are not looking for a place to leave Alita we are cleaning her. Room by room. And by that chance we also take pictures of the interior. Gosh she looks so pretty. 

And then when I find time I sit down and work on my photography and watch tutorials for that new software. And, most important, one nice SHOWER a day. Yay. 

Tomorrow we're sailing out of the harbour to clean the hull. So I will need to make a construction on my leg which protects my wound. I HAVE to go into the water, can't wait. And I need to help Marcus clean the hull. After that we go into our new street-front slip. And on monday we'll discuss with the Yacht Club on a better monthly rate so that we can put Alita here to the dock at least while we are gone - for security reasons. 

Well, I don't have much material, but here are some pictures from Maui and here.  Enjoy. 


When you have a local phone

Did not see it until 5 hrs later. Thank god. But did see nothing unusual on the streets or anywhere. No panic, all just the same.



With the sunrise in our back and with a clear view up to Mauna Kea in the back we left Big Island Hawaii at 6.30am this morning heading to Maui. The morning was so clear that we already saw Maui's 10.000ft volcano Haleakala when we left, guiding us the way through the windy passage. And yes, the wind did funnel between the islands. Maximum was about 37knots. So problem since we were sailing downwind.

It's been 7 years since I spent 2 awesome weeks vacation here touring the island and it is a total different approach arriving in a sailboat. From the water perspective it's just another beautiful island, but with two high volcano mountains and, like all Hawaiian islands, is not cruiser friendly. There is hardly a place to anchor or go in a little harbour. The harbours with their few spaces are full, the managers and harbours don't answer the phone. We got a mooring just off of Lahaina which belongs to Lahaina Yacht Club but it's unbearably rolly. So if that does not change until tomorrow we're off again right away, without ever seeing anything here other than the Yacht Club to pay for our night at the mooring. But where to go to? Lana'i has the same situation and Molokai has two unprotected bays and one little harbour but you can't get anywhere because there is hardly anyone living there. By mid January we want to be in Honolulu to make sure we find a place for Alita before I leave. It's not easy. No one takes reservations, you just have to show up and pray.
Ah, yes, and if you want a rental car you need to go to the airport- which takes 1,5hrs by bus. Also we're missing protecting reefs and good snorkel places at anchorage. But, you can find some places out there. However according to our information it's nothing like what we've seen in the South Pacific. And it's expensive here. But we knew all that before, you just don't want to believe it.
So, that's Hawaii from a cruiser's perspective. All of this is limiting the island experience but it does not take away the beauty of nature of these islands. It's already beautiful to just see it from the water, like the amazing sunset today. And hey, I've seen everything on Maui already :-)

What I love is that some sealife is here. My friends. In Hawaii we saw spinner dolphins perform a couple of times and here in Maui there are a bunch of humpback whales playing and splashing. Yes, it's whale season. Again. I just love these guys. And after all it was here, in Maui, it was the first time ever that I saw a whale breach (jump) and actually took a picture of it. 7 years ago.

Ok, here are: sunrise this morning with Mauna Kea in the center background

One of the bigger waves today who wanted to see what's inside the cockpit

My little monkey friend that my Stepmom gave me 7 yrs ago as a travel companion to Maui- so now he has trevelled with me for 7 years and actually came back here today. His battery is still working, so he still makes his monkey noise...


Molokini (left) and the second part of Maui (don't know the name, but in that mountain there is a beautiful green valley - see next picture)

Sunset over Lana'i from out mooring position



While still sailing along Big Island (first picture) you can already see Haleakala, the 10.000ft volcano of Maui. We'll anchor out here at the western tip of Hawaii and wait until we can cross the channel between the islands early tomorrow morning. This channel is extremely tricky, always lots of wind funneling through. As we're going closer to the cap the wind suddenly went from 0 to 20knots! Hopefully we can anchor here, if not we'll have to sail an hour back to the next little harbour.

Manu Kea Sunset & stars Hawaii

Exclusive photos Hawaii