On the road again

Road? Ok, no, ocean. Half an hour out we can hardly see our sheltering island of the last 4 days. We enjoyed it despite the fact that Marcus hardly had any time and I did not have much either. But yesterday we went snorkling and Manta watching (actually it's a devil's ray) all together and then went for sundowner with Harry and Katu ashore. The first relaxing moment knowing that everything os fixed as much as possible, washing done and boat cleaned.
So now we're off to the first place this year that Marcus and I have never been to. The direct route would be possible to sail in 3,5 days, but with the wind directions we have to make detours so it's take us close to 5 days at least.
Our fresh food is almost gone, there is a bit of zucchini left as well as potato, pumpkins and onions. That'll do for the next two weeks, then that's the end to anything fresh other than fish. :-( The fishing lines are out.

Attached is the last view of Suwarrow and a shot from yesterday when it was calm and colourful

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