Another gorgeous day

Well, we had an amazing "night". I spent half if it outside taking pictures. Then again at sunrise. You have to know we have 19.2hrs if sunshine (daylight) these days. So I had very little sleep, but well worth it. So calm, so beautiful. I waited for stars, but it was a bit hazy and not really dark enough. I'll set my alarm for 2.30 tomorrow morning to see if I get something. We're at the same amazing anchorage after a full glacier day. Water is still flat calm, a beautiful mirror. Alita is hardly moving, that's why I can even think of taking night shots from the boat. Once in a while it works.
This morning I paddled Wickie, my kajak, over to the flat underneath the anchorage glacier. This glacier is fed by three glacier fields. But, as most of them, not much is left. This face here is covered in rocks and dirt, but is still about 100m high. I walked over the flat and up a hill for a couple of meters to get a good view of the ice cave. Boy it's huge. And lots of break-offs lying around. The melting ice there feeds a strong river that makes its way through the bed. Because of all the dirt, gravel and sand dissolved in the water those ways get blocked from time to time and then the water makes itself a nee path. Even in the firm (do you thing) gravel flatland you can hear water flowing somewhere underneath, which is a bit spooky, like walking over those lava fields. You never know what'd underneath.
The view was great and it was fun to paddle around. If only I hadn't lost my sun glasses there....
The rest of the day (noon to 6pm) we spent checking out these other two glaciers here at Harimans Fjord. The first one,
fed by the roaring glacier, releases lots if big ice chunks. We still managed to get all the way to the front, it's not too bad to drive around those big chunks. Many small ones would be worse. Too bad nothing big happened while we had the front row seat. Only once we had left a huge chunk came down. I saw the waves...A lot of tour boats are coming and going to that one. But we still managed to get some (Charly) time on our own.

In the afternoon we drove up to Hariman's glacier. It is wider, not as high because it is coming long ways out instead of that steep drop. In terms of construction it was the most beautiful one so far. Lots of blue ice peaks. Lots. Beautiful colour, with light coming from behind and thus shining through. Marcus drove all the way up to it, we were maybe 50m away, right in front of its morray, that it's just building. Because its end is already on solid ground (the gravel that he has pushed there), it's no danger to get that close. There can't be any wave. But, nothing broke off- to my disappointment. However it was just amazingly beautiful to just sit there in Alita, float with motor off, enjoy evening sun and just look at the glacier and be grateful for that opportunity and that another blue sky sunshine day. I probably got too much sun today....AMAZING. Alaska, you've got my heart.

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