Big scale fishing

We are so glad we came here yesterday and that Marcus got those 6 pink salmon. Today two fishing boats are fishing all the salmon out on behalf of the hatchery. The sale of these makes the budget for next year. The fishing boats put out a huge net at the places where the salmon group up, so by rivers and stream, one of which is right behind us. They circle the net and then have a small boat pulling the fishing boat in circles (so they don't catch the line). Once the circle is closed they make it smaller and smaller by pulling the outer lines up until it is so small that all you see is salmon in the net. Then the collection barge comes. They tie up to it and then with a gigantic vacuum hose they vacuum the fish out of the net (that's still in the water) onto a slide where the fish slide down via a conveyer belt into the big storage room under deck. Just in that little cove behind us they must have gotten tons is salmon, at least over 100.000 pcs. That's how Marcus could get so
many yesterday, the bay was just full. Had I known this is coming I would have let him go fishing first before heading off to the bears. But, we didn't know.
So I got more pictures and he is out trying to catch one of the left-overs. Today I got a mother with two little baby bears. And a bigger one (maybe a year old) fishing. I watched that one bear for a long time from a secure standpoint behind the electric fence. All he wanted is females for their eggs. He pulled one out, squeezed the eggs out, left it on the side and pulled the next one out. Now let's talk about food waste. They don't eat the whole fish. The only other parts besides the kaviar that I saw him eat was the eyes and the cheeks.
The mom with the little ones left once she smelled me. But I could see them far away at the stream. They walked down, the little ones behind mom. Then they had to sit and wait (which they did) until mom had a fish. Then the three of them (with the fish in mom's mouth) left for the bush to eat the salmon. Once they were done, the whole thing repeated. Oh the little ones are soso cute....
We're gonna move on today. But we loved our stop.

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