I thought by now we've seen it all. But we hadn't until we arrived at our current anchorage. Ok, the weather is doing its best, blue sky and sunshine. Which did not always seem like that. When we left this morning to come up here to the glaciers in the northwest of Prince William Sound we came into fog, thick fog. I wanted to stop and go to an anchorage, I didn't believe it would get better again. But Marcus kept on going and said, if there is one place where the weather is still nice, it's up there. A front is moving in and a low behind. That is going to bring us bad weather for a while. In most parts it starts raining tomorrow, but it's supposed to be nice most of the day tomorrow where we are. You can see the current position if you follow the link on the page "Where is Alita". After a while, when we drove into a tiny passage between islands, the fog got away. We met it again once we exited that passage. The fog was moving east to west in the big passage. We once again dug
in, even had to turn the radar on. But then is cleared again and with open mouths we got to see the most amazing panoramic view with flat mirror water and all the high mountains and glaciers in front of us and to our sides. We're now anchored at the very northwestern part, inmidst 6 glaciers with an amazing ice view all around Alita. We're right at the foot of one of the glaciers. The front is old and covered with gravel and rock and at first glance one thinks its only rock and gravel. But it's a lot of ice underneath. Because we never know how high that front is we are always wrong in guessing the distance and height. So what to me looks like 150-200ft high and 1/3 of a mile away seems to be about 350ft high and nearly a mile away. It tool Charly for ever to get there and I had to fly 140m up. Spectacular. Between us and the front is some lagoon, then a moray of gravel and then a complex system of little rivers flowing down from the big waterfalls made up of water coming o
ut underneath this huge ice field at a big ice cave. Just amazing! We want to walk there a bit tomorrow - no worries, far enough so that no ice will ever hit us should the glacier calf throw down ice.
I don't think I can sleep tonight, have to watch all the shades of light here. This is THE most beautiful anchorage in all these 6 years of traveling. Sorry, it just kicked Caleta Beaulieu (Patagonia -Chile) from its gold position, although that was spectacular and the view in the morning with blue sky and sunshine amazing.
Soso happy to be here. No wave, no wind. Just flies and mosquitos and the sound of the waterfalls - and some eagles.

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