Position Day 1,5

All good on board, we're having a (too) fast ride, not bouncy despite the up to 2,5m waves (7-8ft). Quite some water masses have washed over Alita and through the cockpit, but only little splash at the are where we sit and the little sitting upholstery is covered in waterproof upholstery.
I am so into the book I am reading that, while reading, I forget we're sailing out in the ocean. Too bad I will finish this 700 page book already in about an hour. But the next one is already prepared...
Our total travel time is estimated between 8 and 9 days. So we're already 17% there. Just got notice from our friends/ neighbours from Penrhyn that they passed Christmas Island 4am last night, so they are now 3/4 of a day behind us. They left Penrhyn 2 days after us. We have a date on Hawaii big Island.

Position at 2237 local time (UTC-10): 05deg 49,5N and 156deg 23.0W

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