Last night

There is always something happening here. This morning a big fishing vessel arrived that produces mor smoke than a factory 100 years ago. It tied up to the freighter at anchor behind us. It looks like the fishing boat delivered a necessary, huge spare part to fix the freighter. Shortly after about 50men were brought out to those ships- we guess to help install whatever it was - and partly crew that was on land.
After breakfast Marcus drove me to the big ship dock so that I could get on land to check out. That was shortly after 9a.m. I returned at 3p.m.! It was a bit scary climbing up that rusted steel ladder - but better than the drive through breaking waves on saturday. I fixed a line to my backpack and took it up with me. Then Marcus fixed the garbage bag to it and I pulled it up. Would have been difficult to take it with me on the ladder. Especially since there were no steps the first 1,5m...
In the third picture you see the right side of the dock. At the very right end, behind those containers, is where I climbed up...

Walking to the town of London, where customs and immigration are located, I noticed that the clouds in the sky have then turquoise color of the lagoon water. So pretty.

Bureaucracy nearly killed me today. Customs needed copies of their clearance form - so I had to return 2hrs later. Of course, the new printer and copying machine in the back of the room is either not connected or already broken. But the guy would have shortened his lunch break to clear me out. Of course I said it does not matter, I come back even later. Boy, what a relief in his eyes. He was very nice though and honest.
The lady who runs immigration however tried to fool me and get money off me into her pocket. Customs warned me and in the end thank god the girl who checked me in did the check-out with the other girl in the office. And I did not have to pay. So for that it was good to come back later as well as the lady was gone. Why she did not clear me out earlier in the morning I have no clue. I guess the lady who would have transferred my money to her account was not there.

But while I killed time between my office adventures I met a really nice girl who runs 3 shops here. She is young, intelligent, a business women (studied economics and tourism in Hawaii) and a really good talk. So that was the upside and it shows me itMs possible. Even here. If you want to. And if you manage to study at a good university.

We are prepared for our trip to Hawaii starting tomorrow noon. We should be out there 7-9 days. We're aiming for Hawaii Big Island. So, one last look at the beautiful stars which won't be as visible in Hawaii because of too much light pollution - and at the boats at anchor that are lit up so bright that I get a christmassy feeling although it's just their regular lights.

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