Volcano Yasur

Today was the day why I came back to Vanuatu. To see the active volcano Yasur. When Marcus was here 6 weeks ago it was level 3 of 4 active, they had a gorgeous view and were able to go tot he other side to actually look into the volcano where the heat is bubbling. Well today I went up in the back of a pick-up truck, and as we drove up it started raining. And it stopped when we left the volcano. Because of all the smoke that the rain caused we were not able to go to the other side and look into the bubbling. But on the other hand the smoke made it more beautiful. The noises of the volcano are an amazing experience. At first you think there is a dragon blowing out and then an incredible rumbling starts which lets you think a space shuttle starts right next to you. The whole floor is moving and let me tell you, this volcano has a tremendous bass. At last you hear the magma ash falling which sounds like a cracking fire. Just such an amazing adventure! I will never forget this. 







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