Rock'n roll - the volcano Yasur

I couldn't help but go up there again. Marcus had told me that they had seen the „eye" so I had to try to see it as well. I wanted to see the fire bubbling. 
Yippee, the wind helped us so yesterday we were allowed to go over to the other side, take a deep look into Yasur and look into his majestic eyes. Being a proud man, Yasur showed us quite some spectacle. Yasur, the wild dragon, has lots of energy and let us know when we had seen enough. He spit out magma high and far, it almost reached the people standing on the eastern side so they quickly left. I loved smelling his odor, feeling his soft heat and the danger arising from it. You don't trust him for a second and yet he's like magic and makes you not want to leave. It was love at first sight for me. I love his deep dark voice when he grumbles and shouts and like his blowing like a wild dragon who is being tamed. I could stand there and watch for hours and hours. When he finally spit into our direction as well we filmed it and left. Wohooo, what an experience!




 A look into his eyes






I could not imagine a more spectacular fireworks... 



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