Last post Penrhyn

This is my last post from here. We're leaving tomorrow.
One girl from school has gifted ma 2 pairs of earrings with shells that she made for me. That was so touching. I had given her some stuff incl. my favourite hand made necklace and a USB stick with all the pictures on. And I had shown her how to make one of these necklaces herself and made one half way through while I was there the day before yesterday. God bless Elizabeth, I wish her all the best.

Today I talked to one of the boys. Je speaks very good english and kfz me how he feeds his pet, a baby red footed boobie bird. They pick them up from another island and bring them home as a pet. Some of these poor birds are being grilled in the sun instead of in a tree in the shade. They can't fly yet. So, here's the boy and his bird. The first picture shows his brother's and his uncle's bird.
Then there is a picture of a coconut grating machine (take an aluminium pot, drill a hole, stick a grinder through and put a machine in the back).

Last picture: preparation for our next passage: I made 3 pizzas (not in the picture) and a couple of these little bit sweet yeast-dough snacks.

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