A day in the life of a sailor

The day started with a beautiful sunrise at the end if my first shift. A gorgeous day with some pretty little clouds, not too much wind and still small waves. For most of the days we were gliding through the water at slow speed, which is comfortable sailing. At 12.20 we had to run the motor for an hour because the wind had basically died. It was then that Marcus wanted to run the watermaker - as always when the engine is on, like last night when we started in Niue. Just that this time one of the pre-filters (25micron) exploded. Overpressure. Marcus took the filter out and changed the connection. But still too much pressure. He had to take the ETD out, the main device that controls the waterflow if I am right. A big heavy part. He put the old replacement one in, but now there is not enough pressure. At least the fresh water flush worked so the membrane will survive without algae production in it. Poor Marcus was standing and sweating in the very front (bow) in the saillocker w
here the watermaker lives. Thank god it was a calm sailing day. We are continuing to Suwarrow as Marcus is positive he will be able to fix the ETD. In the meantime we are like most of the other sailing yachts, we have to be even more careful with water usage. No shower, no hair wash, dishes with salt water and a mini rinse in fresh water. We have 400l and we need to calculate to live on that for the next 4 weeks. Not a drama, but limiting. And if the repair in Suwarrow does not work, we have to think of a plan B. We can't take on water other than in Samoa (we were thinking of going to American Samoa, but it's almost impossible to get away from there into the direction we have to go) or Hawaii. Kiririmati is very dry so they most probably won't have water, neither does Penrhyn or Fanning. So, we hope plan A works.

Just after our dinner as Marcus was relaxing a bit a nice size Vahoo decided to give his life for us. So that was the next work for Marcus. Now we have about 20 nice filets in the fridge & freezer. As if nothing has happened the day ended with the same colours as the sunrise. Now I am on nightshift with the moon and the stars.
We are all well up and healthy.

Current position at 2110 local time (0810 UTC): 17deg26,4S and 168deg 31,3W

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