The god of the oceans 🌊 is very nice to us these days. Thankfully we keep catching fish and the last two days quite big ones. Finally MahiMahi, Marcus' favourite fish. You can't get it any fresher. We fry, BBQ and hot smoke the fish to be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Aside from fish I continuously bake fresh bread, grow sprouts and once in a while make goodies like pancakes or, like yesterday, "Kaiserschmarrn" with fresh home made apple sauce (still warm when served). Sometimes we habe friends over for one of our fish feasts...Enjoying south sea paradise life in Tonga.
Unfortunately our genoa headsail finally gave up her life. We had to take the sail down. It was delaminating everywhere after 5 years of sailing. It was promised a life of 10 years, oh well. Maybe not with as many miles as we put on. Good bye, you served us well and you were manufactured in an excellent manner. No seam ever gave up! I cut out some pieces which will end up as a bag- so part of it will stay with me much longer!

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