Time to play

Yesterday I pulled out my electronic piano to see if it still works and I needed some distraction for my mind. Thank god it works just fine anf sounds really good with my new headphones. The new tablestand that I ordered from Italy - because I could not source it anywhere else - is really awesome. I can adjust the height and the position of the table so that I can have the correct position in front of the keyboard. So far, on a regular dinner table, it was way too high.

In memory of our rough trip down here the first song I played was "Bridge over troubled waters". I wanted to play more songs but was not able to focus on sheet music so I started to improvise. The outcome is a new song that wants to be the basis for my first Alita sailing soundtrack. So, there is a challenge. I've got the idea, now I need time and patience and studying my new composing program and lots of creativity to get this going. Fun!

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