New Plymouth

Well, we need one single, small screw for the injector to put the engine back together and start it. One little screw. The guys from Volvo Whangarei sent one, but it's not the right one. They do not have the right one in stock. No one in New Zealand does have it. And we were hoping to leave tomorrow for Nelson. Now they sent another couple of screws to Adam, who'll bring them down tomorrow as soon as they arrive. But they would only fit by chance.
So now a tiny screw (bolt) decides how out trip will continue, how long we'll be stuck here, if Sibylle and Peter have to leave us here or not. One little screw. Go figure that.
Adam drove me and My friends around for at least an hour today trying to find that one little screw here. But no marine shop, no Volvo truck parts sellers, no engineers, no diesel mechanic has this one part for us. So we sit and wait and pray. I walked back from town to the harbour on that beautiful path and took some pictures - the only thing I can do at the moment. Enjoy and pray!

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